The First Melody / 最初的声音 / ハジメテノオト


By the posting time of the page, mai-team was founded by the first two members, iExploder and SynchroTuner.

iExploder screws everything up by explode them. After that, SynchroTuner will fix them and make them synchronized.

Currently we are working on a simulator of maimai, an arcade music game developed by SEGA. The target platform is PC(Windows 7 or later) with multi-point touch panel and Android devices.

The title The First Melody, is translated from the Japanese word ハジメテノオト, which is the name of a well-known Hatsune Miku song.





目前我们正致力于SEGA开发的街机音乐游戏maimai的免费模拟器开发。该模拟器可以在具有多点触摸屏的运行Windows 7及以后的版本的PC上以及Android设备上运行。







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