Milestone seems unable to reach

It was early February in 2015. When I was introduced to play maimai in a local arcade game center, I was attracted by its controlling style. But there is a problem.

In the whole city there are only 4 sets of the arcade. During the peak times they are always ,kind of ,”tired” -being played by crowded players. Finally, something bad happened. The agent of Sega in China stopped the network service and the update of songs and game system.

I want to further play this game. This was the thought blinked through my mind.

At that time, I was not that familiar with C/C++, and the complicated stuffs of graphic rendering. I started learning them.

I do not think the project is that hard. Until yesterday.

I met with a problem that I couldn’t get the solution. Now.

During the preparation I had several discussions with SynchroTuner. We focused on the data structure for the game data. We believed deeply in SDL and thought SDL could provide all features that our project need.

SDL just used Windows event system (not DirectX) and will cause lag unbearable for a music rhythm game.

All the above are just my complaints and don’t take much care.

Project maijiro will go on and we wish it could be a success.

At last, I think we forgot something.

Happy new year for supporters and team members.

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